Friday, June 26, 2015

Despite reality, GOP presidential candidates continue Don Quixote-like assault on Obamacare

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I spoke too soon about Republicans looking for a new boogeyman when the Supreme Court kicked out their last ditch challenge against Obamacare yesterday.

That would have been the sensible thing to do. Move on. But, no!

Instead of conceding defeat and turning their attention elsewhere, some Republicans are going to continue their Don Quixote – like quest to destroy our new health care system that’s already proven it’s working.

Ask over six million Americans who wouldn’t have been able to afford or even get healthcare until the Affordable Health Care Act was enacted.

Like Alonso Quixano in Don Quixote who read so many chivalric romances that he lost his sanity and decided to set out to revive chivalry, undo wrongs, and bring justice to the world, the GOP lost it’s sanity and set out to destroy a healthcare system that was working.

However, there are some Republicans (who remain nameless) that realize they dodged a bullet by losing their challenge against the health care law.

Think about it. 

Had the Supreme Court invalidated the subsidies in some 30 states operating on the federal insurance marketplace, that would have affected nearly 6.4 million Americans, who would have seen their health costs skyrocket by about 300 percent.

Republicans were ready to blame Obama for the potential chaos. But some of them acknowledged the GOP would get the brunt of the blame, especially since they backed the lawsuit challenging the subsidies.

The rest will continue to rail against the law.

Jeb Bush:

"As president of the United States, I would make fixing our broken health care system one of my top priorities I will work with Congress to repeal and replace this flawed law with conservative reforms."

How about that for a ridiculous statement? Nothing is broken, the GOP has tried to break it, but failed. Meanwhile it’s working for millions of Americans. That in itself should be proof.

But not for ideologues like Bush “..replace flawed law with Conservative reforms.” What reforms?

Marco Rubio

"Despite the Court's decision, ObamaCare is still a bad law that is having a negative impact on our country and on millions of Americans. I remain committed to repealing this bad law and replacing it with my consumer-centered plan."

Then we have the “savior” Marco Rubio promising that HIS consumer-centered plan is better than Obamacare. Despite reality – millions being helped and all challenges against the law refuted, Rubio claims the law has had a negative impact.

How so? It’s obvious that Rubio also lives in that ideological fantasyland as Bush and most of the other GOP presidential candidates.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz attacked Chief Justice John Roberts and other members of the Supreme Court in unusually harsh terms Thursday, referring to them as "rogue justices" and "robed Houdinis"

No one is sure what Cruz meant by ranting about robed Houdini’s. Chances are he doesn’t either, but it made a good sound byte. As for rogue justices, those would be the three who voted against Obamacare.

John Boehner

"Obamacare is fundamentally broken and repeal efforts will continue.”

Presumably that will be for as long as there is a Republican Party and enough idiots dedicated to dismantling a health care system that is working.

John Barrasso

"We'll continue to pick away at the law. But ultimately our goal is to repeal and replace, and that's not going to be possible until after the 2016 elections and a Republican gets in office.”

It’s obvious that I over-estimated the intelligence of most of the GOP players by assuming they’d move on to another windmill to tilt their lances against. Apparently not.

Where’s Sancho when you need him?

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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