Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reflections on Religion: East vs West, Disbelievers, and Extremism

Good Day World!

I have a few observations about religion today that may, or my not, surprise you.

For starters, Christians are murdered indiscriminately around the world everyday.

Example: Punjab province is home to the majority of Pakistan's four million Christians. A Christian couple were burned alive in an industrial kiln in Pakistan recently after being accused of setting fire to several verses of the Quran.

According to Mushtaq Gill, chief advocate at the Pakistani minority rights group Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD):

"A mob of several dozen attacked the building where they were.They broke their legs so they couldn't run and then threw them in the fire. Only some bones and hair were found at the site."

It’s simply not safe for Christians in Pakistan. The same goes for all the middle east and most Asian countries.

Islam and Christianity have always had problems co-existing.

At one time in history, Christians hunted down Muslims and slaughtered them, conquering their countries in the name of the Cross. The Muslims retuned the favor and conquered Christian countries and strongholds.


Islam has been perverted by extremists worldwide.

These extremists murder Christians and other Muslims (who don’t believe exactly like they do) somewhere in the world everyday. They call it Jihad. Jews and Christians are prime targets for these crazy Muslims whose beliefs violate the very Quran they profess to follow.

The world has not seen such brutality and savagery in modern times.

Horrible Stories were told about the Celts, the Aztecs and the Mongols; nevertheless they always remained stories of the remote past.

But what the militants of the so called “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – ISIS” are doing is something else, what they are perpetrating defy any literary power to try and put it into words.

Driven by what they see as divine command and wreaking havoc and devastation only thought possible in Hollywood productions the Islamic militant group ISIS has pushed the definition of terrorism to a new and scary limit.


“According to the Hartford Institute of Religion Research, more than 40 percent of Americans "say" they go to church weekly.

As it turns out, however, less than 20 percent are actually in church. In other words, more than 80 percent of Americans are finding more fulfilling things to do on weekends.

Furthermore, somewhere between 4,000 and 7,000 churches close their doors every year. Southern Baptist researcher, Thom Rainer, in a recent article entitled "13 Issues for Churches in 2013" puts the estimate higher. He says between 8,000 and 10,000 churches will likely close this year.” (Source)

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