Sunday, January 4, 2015

Poem: ‘Sandbox Tree Story’

Good Day World!

I had fun with this poem…hope you enjoy it!

Sandbox Tree Story

the Sandbox Tree is an evergreen tree of the spurge family

found in North and South American tropical regions

it’s nicknamed ‘no climb monkey

a peculiar moniker for any tree

The Sandbox Tree can grow up to 200 feet tall

and has large leaves that grow to two feet wide

but that’s not the strangest thing of all

it’s fruit is an exploding ball!

ripe pods catapult seeds for hundreds of feet

at speeds of up to 160 mph

it’s quit the feat

and a visual treat

Also known as the Dynamite Tree

for the explosive sound of ripe fruit popping

and splitting into segments rapidly

it’s as strange as any tree can be!


The end

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