Saturday, November 1, 2014

Time to FACT CHECK campaign whoppers before elections

Good Day World!

Just the facts, please.

By the time the last polling booth closes on Nov. 4, a staggering amount of money — $4 billion, by one estimate — will have been spent on the midterm elections.

What did all that money buy?

A lot of false and misleading TV ads.

The facts too often did not support the over-the-top rhetoric used by both sides. Here’s a breakdown of the bullshit being broadcast in hopes of getting votes:


There were plenty of claims to scare seniors. But they were ghost stories — both frightening and fanciful.

Midterm Medicare Mudslinging, Oct. 3
More Senior Scare in Arkansas, Aug. 22
Social Security Scare in Louisiana, Aug. 7
Medicare Ghost Stories, July 9
Old Medicare Claims in Arkansas Senate Race, Feb. 21


The whoppers in Kentucky and West Virginia were often fueled by America's No. 1 energy source, coal.

Bogus Attack in Coal Mine Country, March 19
Doubling Down in West Virginia, Sept. 16
Kentucky Coal Connections, Oct. 7
No Proof of 'Lying,' Oct. 15


'Cassidycare?' Come On! July 11
Who Supports Obamacare in Georgia Race? July 16
Obamacare Ad Onslaught, April 11


Moldy Baloney About Vets' Benefits, June 5
Democratic Assault on Cassidy's Record, Sept. 3
No Cuts for Military Vets, Sept. 18
Braley's VA Hearing Attendance Under Attack, Aug. 1


McConnell's Bloated Tax Boast, April 23
Grimes Ad Misses the Mark on McConnell, Oct. 23
Cantor Mislabels Opponent, May 5
Cantor Mislabels Opponent, The Sequel, May 28
Editing Out the Facts in Alabama, June 25
More Carbon Tax Distortions, July 24
AFP Distorts Begich's Carbon Tax Stance, Feb. 28


Disconnecting the Dots in Arkansas, April 11
Hijacking History in Arkansas, Sept. 24
Abortion Attack Goes Too Far in Montana, May 22
Perdue Distorts Nunn Campaign Memo, Sept. 12
Double Whopper Against King, Oct. 10


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