Sunday, November 2, 2014

How to create awesome glazes for your precious pottery

Good Day World!

It’s time to get glazed…but not confused!

I put together a learning board on glazing pottery last year that was really popular with viewers (still is) while working at Learnist.

It’s titled Awesome Glazes for Pottery.

Glazing is important for earthenware vessels. Without it they wouldn't hold liquids due to porosity. Glaze is also used on stoneware and porcelain.

Check out the links and information on glazing origins, art, applications, techniques and how to apply it like a pro.

According to this Wikipedia article, from 552 to 794 AD, different colored glazes were introduced during the Kofun period of Japan.

The earliest example, Sue ware, was decorated with natural ash glazes and were green. In the 13th century, flower designs were painted with red, blue, green, yellow and black overglazes.

Learn about bisque firing, baking and glazing your pottery creations at Howstuffworks.

Using glazes requires a lot of experimentation and practice. Many factors, like the kind of kiln or the kind of clay you use, impact the final result.

Above all, have fun!

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