Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is it possible that you’re biased? Find out here

Good Day World!

Are you biased?

Not sure?

Would you like to know if you are?

Psychologists at Harvard, the University of Virginia and the University of Washington created "Project Implicit" to develop Hidden Bias Tests — called Implicit Association Tests - to measure unconscious bias.

To take Project Implicit's Hidden Bias Tests, click here. You may be asked to register.


Hidden Bias Tests measure unconscious, or automatic, biases. Your willingness to examine your own possible biases is an important step in understanding the roots of stereotypes and prejudice in our society.

The ability to distinguish friend from foe helped early humans survive, and the ability to quickly and automatically categorize people is a fundamental quality of the human mind.

Categories give order to life, and every day, we group other people into categories based on social and other characteristics.

This is the foundation of stereotypes, prejudice and, ultimately, discrimination.

You’ll learn about:

Definition of terms - How do we learn prejudice? - How are our biases reinforced? - How do we perpetuate bias? - About Hidden Bias – and more.

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