Sunday, October 26, 2014

‘Religious Right’ Resorts to Lies About Being Forced to Perform Gay Marriages

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The Religious Right is reeling.

The federal government has recognized gay marriage in six more states, extending federal benefits to those couples.

The federal government has opened the door to gay marriage and the Religious Right is striking back with false stories about how churches are being forced to violate their beliefs to comply.

For example:

A couple from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho claim they are being forced to perform same-sex weddings in their wedding chapel, despite it being against their religious beliefs.

Donald and Evelyn Knapp are ordained ministers who run the Hitching Post, a wedding chapel that operates under the International Church of the Four Square, an evangelical Pentecostal sect.

The Knapps claim they were told they must start performing same-sex weddings, or face fines and possible jail time for violating a city ordinance.

The Knapps quickly claimed religious discrimination said their worst fears have come true. Churches are now being forced to perform same-sex weddings.

Hold on there for a moment. Here’s the rest of that story:

A slight hitch (pardon the pun): the chapel is not a non-profit ministry, but a for-profit company, which means it’s required by law to follow state and federal laws.

Real churches are non-profits, and are not being forced to comply with any government regulations.

More on the subject:

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