Monday, August 18, 2014

The Bad Ship Perry is Floundering: Waiting for an ‘Oops’ Moment

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s hopes for occupying the White House in 2016 are sinking fast.

Perhaps that’s because of his severe “take no prisoners attitude” towards everyone who disagrees with him. He’s been the governor/king for too long. He’s done everything but succeed from the Union. Not that he hasn’t thought about it though.

Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted Friday on charges of abuse of power—a first degree felony—and coercion—a third degree felony. The charges stem from a 2013 scandal that has been quietly rumbling in the Lone Star State as Perry has been floated as a viable contender for the Republican nomination in 2016.

Perry, as a means of intimidating the DA into resigning, publicly threatened to veto the Public Integrity Unit’s budget. And when she didn’t step down, he made good on his tough talk, gutting all of its funding ($8 million) for two years.

Perry has become the first sitting Texas governor to be indicted since 1917, and the fifth governor to be indicted in the 21st Century (the last was Illinois’ Rod Blagojevich, in 2008).

As this drama unfolds it’s going to get real ugly. I’m hoping that it’s televised and we all get to see it in real time. I’m looking forward to when Perry tells his side of the story.

I can just see it…he’ll be rattling on until that “oops” moment when he forgets certain facts.

Time for me to walk on down the road… 

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