Monday, June 9, 2014

7-Year old boy kicked out of school for doing the right thing

Darin Simak (WTAE)Good Day World!

 The following story is a classic case of someone doing the right thing – in this case a 7-year-old – and still getting into trouble.

There’s no doubt that schools in this day and age are edgy about anything that may result in a threat to the student body.

But where do you draw the line? What happened to common sense?

I understand that even a toy gun can be disruptive. However, the child in this case didn’t even know he had a toy gun in his backpack. When he discovered it he immediately turned it in to a teacher. His honesty got him kicked out of school.

Here’s the story:

New Kensington first grader Darin Simak realized on Wednesday that he had something in his backpack that was not allowed at Martin Elementary School.

It was a toy gun that was in the outside pocket of the bag. Darin was unaware of the toy because, as his mom, Jennifer Mathabel, told WTAE Action News 4, she packed her son’s bag which was a backup because he left his normal school bag in a friend’s car the night before, and she missed the toy gun. (Story)

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