Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday morning meanderings …it’s a busy world


     Good Day World!

It’s been a week since we moved into our new house and Shirley and I are loving it!

Looking and listening to the current news today several stories seem to stand out:

Tokyo 2020 Olympics could be shot in the arm for struggling Japan

There were scenes of jubilation in Japan early Sunday after Tokyo was named host city of the 2020 Olympic Games – a shot in the arm for a country battered by decades of economic stagnation and the 2011 tsunami.There was an outpouring of pride and joy at the International Olympic Committee announcement – but also surprise among many Japanese who had feared the country’s post-tsunami nuclear crisis had scuppered the city’s bid. Read full story here

Dogs help stressed U.S. military veterans cope with civilian life

A U.S. Veterans Affairs report reveals that of about 830,000 veterans treated at VA medical centers over the last decade, 29 percent had a diagnosis of PTSD, and 22 percent were suffering from depression.

K9s for Warriors offers veterans a three-week in-house program to meet and learn how to work with their dogs.The dogs are not as highly trained as seeing-eye dogs for the blind, said Duval, but they do have special skills.

They are able to provide assistance - like fetching objects for soldiers with physical disabilities. They are also trained to create personal space for veterans whose condition may make them nervous in a crowd. A dog is taught to "cover and block" - to stand between a vet and an approaching person, or behind a vet when he or she is standing in line, Duval explained. Read full story here

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Just how powerful is twitter in the political arena?

Q&A: How To Do Political Coverage Better In The Twitter Age

In a 95-page paper written at the conclusion of his spring fellowship at Harvard's Shorenstein Center, CNN's Peter Hamby explores the complaint political practitioners and the people who follow them have made for ages: Campaign coverage is shallow, solipsistic and possibly doing a disservice to voters tasked with making serious decisions for our democracy.

Hamby concludes that Twitter — and insta-sharing platforms like it — offer voters abundantly more choices for getting their information, but that the information often lacks a critical element: context.

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