Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Do men with smaller sacs make better fathers?

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If you’re a regular reader you know how skeptical I am of surveys, but I still run stories on their results. Why?

They’re usually entertaining – kind of like a daily horoscope. Most (99%) are questionable no matter who does them on what subject.

So-called experts give some more weight than others. I often wonder why millions are spent on dubious research - from the sex-life of snails to men with small balls making better dads?

Yes, I said small balls. Nuts. Cojones. Testicles. Gonads. Man sacks.

Some university scientists in the following article seem pretty sure that if men had smaller sacs they’d be more nurturing fathers.

I won’t even go there when it comes to my “special purpose boys” other than to say those scientists are leaping to some faulty conclusions!

Take a look… at this story. See what you think:

Aw, Nuts! Nurturing Dads Have Smaller Testicles, Study Shows

Do men with small balls make good fathers? That may sound ridiculous, but Emory University scientists have found that men who tend to enjoy being a nurturing parent also tend to have smaller testicles.

Over the past decade, science has found that men across cultures undergo a transformation if they become nurturing fathers. Attentive fathers in the Philippines, Africa, Europe and North America all show significant drops in testosterone levels. Read the full story here

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