Sunday, September 15, 2013

Second Sunday: Getting Confortable in Our New Home

20130914_151023  Good Day World!

 It’s been two weeks since Shirley and I moved to Medford, Oregon, and it’s starting to feel like home.

 My Office/Den/”Laker Shrine” is complete. I painted all the walls a bright white and put up my memorabilia. It took me two weeks to do it.

My office stuff is on the opposite side of the room shown in the photo. Interestingly enough, it’s the only room finished in the house! But there’s good reason for that.

Since I’m an independent contractor working for a website (Learnist) and a freelance writer, I convinced my dear wife that it was a must for me to be comfortable so I could be creative in my man cave.

Meanwhile, I’m painting the living room ceiling today. It’s massive, and all I e20130914_162050xpect to complete on the painting front today. Did I mention that I don’t like cathedral ceilings when I have to paint them? Shirley will be spotting me on the ladder.

The walls will come on subsequent weekends, one at a time, until the makeover is complete. I hate to put a timeline on when that will be accomplished.

Keeping up our yard hasn’t been too hard. The vegetable garden is self-sufficient (drip system) and prolific…turning out ripe tomatoes daily. I mow, and Shirley tends all the plants, trees, and shrubs.

Perhaps the biggest challenge has been getting used to the climate. It’s been real hot – as in the 100s and the 90s. Where we came from in northern California, sun was seldom seen and most days were cloudy or foggy, or both! It practically never got hotter than in the 70s. The average temperatures were in the mid 60s. So it’s been a shock.

We have managed to go out and get our new driver’s licenses and plates for our SUV. Even registered to vote. We’re now official Oregonians! I’ll report back in the near future, and let you know how it’s going in our new home.

Time for me to walk on down the road… 


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