Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today’s Topic: New Monthly Candidate for Dumbest Criminal Ever

Jarad S. Carr

       Good Day World!

From Wisconsin - Jarad S. Carr (left – courtesy of Chippewa County Jail ) just wanted to get a refund for his printer. The problem was he didn’t have a receipt for it. And, he didn’t have the paper tray and installer CD that goes with it.

Employees at Walmart (where else would something like this happen?) tried to work with Jarad, but he apparently came unglued and displayed a total lack of brains.

I think this is safe to assume, seeing how Jarad really had bigger and more important matters to worry about; like two felony arrest warrants for armed robbery and burglary in the next county. This did not deter him from telling the clerk he wouldn’t leave the building until he got a refund for the printer.

Understandably, an employee called the police. Meanwhile, one of the employees found two phony $100 bills still in the printer. Jarad reportedly crumbled them up and asked the employee to throw them away! No, really. Jarad could have walked away, but he wanted a refund so badly he offered to take half of the price for the printer!

The police arrived and promptly arrested Jarad and found more fake bills in his car. (read more about this story here) I guess there’s not much more to say. Other, than this guy was extremely stupid, clueless, drugged-out, or on a mission to become the dumbest criminal for the month of March.

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