Friday, March 1, 2013

Dance away the day: the ‘Harlem Shake’ is here to sway!

Harlem Shake original edition

  Good Day World!

Our topic today is dancing.

Are you still twitching when you watch and listen to Gangnam style videos? Do you long for the next dance craze? Don’t worry my friend, it’s already here. It’s called the “Harlem Shake.”

What I love about the crazy world of dancing is anything goes! Nothing is too far out. Why should it be?

Dancing is an ancient form of expression that still ignites our our modern passions. It’s fun to dance. It’s also fun to watch people dance.   

These days, you can never really tell what will become the next viral dance craze, but you can always count on it being totally weird.True to form, the latest wacky dance videos to go viral are "Harlem Shake" videos.It all started when a YouTube user uploaded a 30 second clip of some dudes dressed in Spandex costumes while doing a wild, hip-thrusting version of the Electronica song,The Harlem Shake.Here's a taste of what that looked like (photo above).

Now that this image is burned into your retinas and can never be unseen, know this: this 36 second video has spawned a huge viral video meme that seems to be gaining popularity by the second.Television personalities from Jon Stewart to the cast and crew of The Today Show have been uploading their own crazy version of the Harlem Shake. 10 funniest Harlem Shake videos right here.  (article source)

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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