Saturday, August 18, 2012

Can you Guess What the Most Dangerous Drug in the World is?

Looks like we’re a couple of years behind the British when it comes to recognizing the deadliest drug available to man today…Alcohol!!!
2010 Findings – Study says “Alcohol More Dangerous Than Heroin

MCDA modeling showed that heroin, crack cocaine, and metamfetamine were the most harmful drugs to individuals (part scores 34, 37, and 32, respectively), whereas alcohol, heroin, and crack cocaine were the most harmful to others (46, 21, and 17, respectively). Overall, alcohol was the most harmful drug (overall harm score 72), with heroin (55) and crack cocaine (54) in second and third places.


These findings lend support to previous work assessing drug harms, and show how the improved scoring and weighting approach of MCDA increases the differentiation between the most and least harmful drugs. However, the findings correlate poorly with present UK drug classification, which is not based simply on considerations of harm. (source)

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