Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A random illusion: The Devil Is Near…Can You See him?

Can you see the devil hiding behind the cloud? I definitely can! In fact, now I can’t stop seeing him. Am I possessed? Sure hope not!

Another thing that I noticed: is that sun eclipse we are seeing that gives devil horns effect, or is it rather a Moon? In my opinion it couldn’t be so big and evil Moon. Or could it?

If you want to see some more devil appearances, be sure to check WTC Devil, as well as Aphex Twin’s Devil optical illusion.

This photo was originally taken by Peter Wienerroither, visit his page for more cool photos! Peter said: “It was an eclipse of the sun in May 2003, photographed near Vienna/Austria.

“And this glorious moment didn’t have anything devilish about it – quite the contrary was true.”


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