Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Looking For An Exciting Career? No Problem - Crocodile Handlers Wanted, No Experience Required

I know it’s the Great Recession, but I can’t imagine too many people wanting to work with up to 15-foot long crocodiles on a daily basis. Just look at the attitude of the croc on the left.

A day on the job might well be your last day on the job. Even in my younger years when I displayed little sense in most things that I did…I would not have taken up capturing wild crocs.

Nope. it takes a special person to want to spend their days with these reptilian monsters.  

 “Looking for a job with a little adventure to it? Florida conservation officials are recruiting "crocodile response agents" to help corral the wayward reptiles. No experience required.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is planning to hire two to four more part-time agents — there is currently just one — to respond to calls when crocodiles stray onto human turf in the Florida Keys, the string of wetland islands at the southern tip of the state.

Crocodile response agents "assist in handling human-American Crocodile conflicts," wrote Carli Segelson, spokesperson for the Florida commission’s south region, in an email response to msnbc.com questions. "Their duties include, site visits, captures, translocations, carcass recoveries, other duties as needed." (Read the rest here)

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