Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Newly identified critters: Strange new species found in Suriname

  Good Day Humboldt County!

 Are you ready to explore a new path today? Then let’s take a look at some newly discovered animals discovered in Suriname.

  A non-profit group called Conservation International has reporting the identification of 46 potentially new species, observed during a three-week expedition to southwest Suriname in 2010.


This is one of the katydid species (Copiphora longicauda) observed during Conservation International's Rapid Assessment Program survey in southwest Suriname


The list includes a fancifully named "cowboy frog," a strangely spiked species of armored catfish, and colorful breeds of beetles and katydids. Check out slideshow to get a close look at a few of the newly identified critters.

Such species will take their place alongside other strangely named critters found in that region of Suriname, including the Pac-Man frog and the conehead katydid. And there may be more to come: Conservation International is planning to send another RAP expedition to southern Suriname in March.

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