Saturday, January 28, 2012

‘Civilized to Death’– documentary explores plight of Aboriginal societies worldwide

          Another new road has opened today:

I’ve had the honor of corresponding with John H.W. Hummel, Pollution/Health Researcher, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, for less than a year, but in that time I’ve learned a lot about this world we live in. I’m going to share his most recent email because I heartily agree with it and think everyone should have an opportunity to know what’s happening to the Aboriginal people in our world today.

My friend Kimlee Wong and her colleagues at ‘Aboriginal People’s Television Network’ (APTN) produced this excellent documentary which has major implications for all Indigenous communities throughout the world. It shows what colonialism has done to the health of Indigenous people and gives us some direction as to where to go so the health of Indigenous People of this World might improve.”

                      Here are links so you can watch this documentary on your computer:

Part 1

Part 2

Here is a brief Synopsis of this documentary:

“Aboriginal peoples suffer from some of the worse health and social stats of anyone in Canada. Many blame aboriginal peoples for their dismal living conditions yet health professionals point to the social determinants of health as the primary cause for these conditions. Things like poverty, racism, housing, access to healthy food and colonialism have long been recognized by experts as key causes of ill health.. Many Canadians believe that if aboriginal people would only assimilate into the dominant culture their problems would be solved, however, in Civilized to Death, APTN's Kimlee Wong talks to experts who say the solutions lie elsewhere.”

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