Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally Friday: poo police, win a baby game, and French robbers copy Wild West tactics to rob train

Good Morning Humboldt County!

I’m looking forward to another beautiful day. Have you got your cup of coffee or tea? Well then, join me this morning as we check out the news. Let’s start off with a case of POO POLICE!

Doggie DNA nails owners of pets leaving smelly piles

Some pet owners who failed to clean up after their dogs got a nasty surprise from apartment complex manager Deb Logan. Using DNA evidence, Logan started fining the irresponsible dog owners $100 per offense. Logan, property manager at Twin Ponds in Nashua, New Hampshire, started using a dog DNA-testing system to reveal which pooches were leaving feces scattered about outside.

Logan says the DNA technology called "PooPrints", developed by BioPet Vet Labs of Knoxville, Tennessee, is working "amazingly" well for Twin Ponds, a 339-unit complex that is home to about 241 dogs.

At Twin Ponds, all tenants with a dog now must use a PooPrints pet DNA sampling kit when they move in. To set up a profile, owners come to Logan's office, swab their dogs' cheeks for a saliva sample, and Twin Ponds then sends that to BioPet, which creates a reference database that includes all the community's canines. Photo source


New "win a baby" game draws fire

A controversial IVF lottery will launch in Britain this month giving prospective parents the chance to win thousands of pounds toward expensive fertility treatments in top clinics.The scheme, which the media have dubbed "win a baby," has already run into trouble on ethical grounds with critics calling it inappropriate and demeaning to human reproduction.

Britain's Gambling Commission has granted a license to fertility charity, To Hatch, to run the game from July 30. photo source


French train robbers revive Wild West tactics

In a scene taken straight out of an American Wild West movie, masked men robbed a freight train in southern France Thursday night after blocking the railway tracks with shopping carts and metal beams. About 20 bandits looted several carriages and then vanished into the night. It was unclear what was taken.

"Attacks on trains aren't new, but it is a pretty rare phenomenon," David-Olivier Reverdy, a police union official in the area said. "It's worthy of stagecoach attacks in the Wild West," he said.

photo source

Time for me to head on down the road…

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Jendocino said...

Since they're French, I presume they kissed the ladies' hands as they stole their watches...

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