Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The tax man cometh: how much did you pay for America’s wars this year?


What the heck? While you’re figuring out you taxes, due on April 18th, here’s something else you can figure out: How much did you pay to support the USA’s colonialism?

When will we say “Enough?”

Watch the video.
See how much of your income taxes will pay for war.



Rose said...

The Federal Government is spending 8x - yes EIGHT TIMES - what they are taking in. And that's just the feds.

When will we say "Enough!" Indeed.

They're doing it in Wisconsin. And look at the hate and furor. They're doing it in Washington State. They're doing it in other states. They're not doing it in California - all the Dems who have held power the past few years want to do in California and at the federal level is denigrate the people who are trying to say "Enough!."

ImBlogCrazy said...

Pardon me Rose, but I think you're a little off-thread here.

We're talking about the costly wars that American taxpayers are paying. You can even find out how much your contributing to the war effort with the link provided.

How does this equate to what people are doing in Wisconsin, Washington State, etc.???

You comparing apples and oranges. Actually, you'not even doing that.

Why does the Federal Government spend so much money and bring in so little? Try our WARS...
that's what this post is about.

I hope that clarifies that.