Saturday, April 9, 2011

As It Stands Takes a Peak at the Blogs of Humboldt County Sunday

Venture where no non-blogger has gone before in this Sunday’s Op-Ed section of the Times-Standard.

I take a look at the blogs that form our regional blogisphere, and share their stories.

Bloggers – don’t miss out on this dead-tree edition; you might be in it! It’ll make a great souvenir. Of course you can read it online at the T-S or here. Is the column controversial?

You’ll have to decide that.



Rose said...

Did you talk to the people you are going to mention?

ImBlogCrazy said...

Who do you ask Rose?

I will say that as a professional journalist I know what consititues libel and slander.

Tune in tomorrow and see.

Rose said...

Whoa! Wasn't expecting that! Not warm and fuzzy, then? Are you following the discussion on the herald and samoa softball?

ImBlogCrazy said...

Yes, I have been reading the two blogs.


Ah heck Rose...I can't keep this pretence's a warm and fuzzy column.

Rose said...

LOL, was just asking because in the happier old days, when Hank or Kevin did a story on the blogs they usually interviewed them and the bloggers were, with great wit and hilarity, promoting the heck out of their world-wide 15 minutes of fame. Then they'd blog that they made the big-time. And they've been remarkably quiet this time. :)

Rose said...

Well done, sir. I'd add, however, that political blogging in Humboldt County is like knife fighting in close quarters, and "the herald" is not really a news source, at least as its primary purpose.