Monday, April 18, 2011

Say What? Bidder snags William and Kate PEZ for $13,000!

Image: Kate Middleton and Prince William Pez dispensers I can’t friggin believe it!

Someone paid over $13,000 for a PEZ dispenser.

Every time I hear something about that stupid Royal Wedding overseas, it gets more ridiculous. The American media (not just the entertainment part) is desperately trying to pump this matrimonial ceremony up into a money maker.

Their pathetic attempts to recreate the monster cash cow Diane and Prince Charles’ Wedding became, aren’t resonating with most Americans. Over 65% said they were ignoring the wedding in a recent Gallup Poll.

By the way, PEZ is an Austrian business, but someone from America (Connecticut) ponied up the bucks for this (I would hope) one-of-kind PEZ product.

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