Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 420! Check out how these pot entrepreneurs are stimulating the economy

Image: Kathy Parkins

“In many ways, medical marijuana entrepreneurs are no different than any other business start-ups: They need a business plan, venture capital and a fair dose of fortitude.

They also are likely to have something not generally found in most small-business owners: an activist streak.

More than half (58 percent) of those in the burgeoning industry say they started their businesses to promote expansion of medical marijuana or outright legalization, according to a report released last month analyzing the growing market. Only 12 percent said “financial opportunity” was their primary motivation.

You are unlikely to find numbers like that on Wall Street, Silicon Valley or even Main Street. A survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business found that 29 percent of people starting a business said making money was their primary motivator.

Jeffrey Miron, director of undergraduate studies at Harvard's Economics Department, finds the data on cannabis entrepreneurs interesting — but not surprising.” Story Here

Kathy Parkins of Seattle owns her own cannabis baking company. Here she puts a few drops of a marijuana tincture into a spoon for a customer to sample at the Seattle Cannabis Farmers Market.

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Rose said...

Please, God, can we just legalize it already.

So we can deal with real issues and so people aren't getting away with unequal enforcement of the rules and laws - so that growers have to adhere to and pay all the same taxes and business related fees that all other business people have to, and so people will stop propping up corrupt politicians in the name of protecting the pot fiefdom.


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