Monday, April 18, 2011

I remember when my 1970 Dodge Charger got me in trouble in 1971

My 1970 Dodge Charger had a 440ci motor (425-HP), 727 Torque Flight Transmission, heavy duty Hurst Shifter and clutch. It looked just like this one, but was Midnight Blue metal flake instead of this Turquoise color.

I’d been out of the Army for six months in the fall of 1971 and bought the beast and got into some street races.

The race that got me in trouble was against a red corvette in Orange County. The cop clocked me at 110 mph and I was pulling away! His siren came on behind me. I pulled over, and the corvette didn’t.

I won’t even go into how ugly that little situation got. It earned me a visit to a judge who made me pay a lot of money for exhibition of speed and several other citatations. That was one hell of a car!  image source


Tom Holloway said...

Hey Stancliff!! Its people like you that made the life of the rare albino mountain turtle so hazardous!!!
Imagine our surprise when you drove by, clipping my poor mother's shell, sending her shooting across the street like a bullet!! I never knew she could travel soooo fast!!
Or so far.
We miss you mom! Please come home..or atleast slow down next time you're passing through.

Tom Sebourn said...

My uncle had a 1972, 2 door Chevelle with 454 and Cowl Induction. It had a custom Muncie 4 on the floor that wrapped around the bench seat, White diamond tuck interior and air conditioning. I got to drive it when I was 15 just before he sold it.

I have driven several million miles now but have never been behind the wheel of anything so monstrous. The GM electric car EV1 I drove in Anaheim once had the same acceleration but it didn't make any noise. They crushed the electric cars and that Chevelle is just a memory.