Monday, April 25, 2011

Pugs Gone Wild! A Potpourri of Precious Pugs Playing and Posing

CapturekkMy Pug, Millie (left) and I thought it would be fun to do a photo page of Pugs just being Pugs…

tumblr_lfany5rUSk1qfyncko1_500This Pug on the right looks a little sleepy, but game.


imagesCAHK2QHC How cute is this wall-eyed baby Pug reposing in his/her swivel chair?


I couldn’t resist this postcard on the right.


 Babies-Riding-Dogs-6Look at the smile on this proud Pug as he plays pony for this little Chinese girl!

The cuteness factor goes of the charts here!

imagesCAOCG5B2Meet Mr. & Mrs. Pug, who just returned from a trip to Hawaii.

They both dug it there!

imagesCA8LAZURI’ll give you three guesses why I think the Pug on the left has a name like Princess…


This Pug who is celebrating another birthday looks kinda thoughtful about being a year older!

tumblr_lf6cksN7wq1qa6z3eo1_500Now, don’t get the wrong idea about this little Pig Pug whose contemplating these remaining pizza crusts…






As all Pug lovers know…they are clowns when given the opportunity and some don’t even mind being dressed up. The Pug on the right looks okay playing Yoda, but the one on the left looks kinda peeved that he has to be Darth Vader! imagesCAT17D2J

The Pug in the swing looks a little concerned, but is gamely smiling and waiting for the photographer to pull the leash and (hopefully) gently rock him back and forth.

Pugs come in two colors.


With the exception of Millie, all these adorable Pugs can be found at Google Images Thanks for stopping by and viewing this Pug Potpourri!

 Pugs Rule!

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