Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good Morning Humboldt County! Another Day in Paradise

As I slurp my Java this morning I see it’s been nothing but bad news for the Midwest. 'The town's gone': Seven dead as storm slams Arkansas  50 to 60 still are still unaccounted for in Vilonia; trail of destruction 15 miles long, three miles wide.

Emergency crews are preparing to search for dozens of people still missing early Tuesday before more forecast storms strike the area in the afternoon.

And it gets worse…

'Perfect storm' pounds central US, testing levees' limits

More than 1,000 homes evacuated in Missouri; Black River overruns barrier in 30 spots.





Members of the Missouri Highway Patrol set off by boat to patrol a flooded street and check for victims of a flash flood Monday, April 25, 2011, in Poplar Bluff, Mo.

While the words "skyrocketing" and "gas prices" often end up in the same sentence, "plummeting" and “gas prices” rarely occupy even the same paragraph. In a perfect free market, prices should float up and down with equal speed. But in our market, what goes up doesn't seem to come down, at least not at once.  What gives? Why gas prices go up much faster than they come down

On a more positive note Electric cars meet the real world 

Chevrolet has sold about 1,500 Volts as of the end of March, and the company says sales will be going nationwide by the end of the year. The company has been keeping track of Volt driving patterns through its OnStar network, and the data suggest that Volt owners are getting savvier about maximizing battery use and minimizing use of the car's gasoline-powered "range extender." During March, the average mileage between fill-ups went from 800 to 1,000 miles, Chevrolet reported last week.

Time for me to wander on down the road….

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