Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wisc. Governor Makes a Threat to Sic the National Guard on Union Workers

If the National Guard is called out in Wisconsin,        workers across the country should take a page from Egypt and go out on a general strike.                          

“Last week, Wisconsin's Republican governor Scott Walker threatened to use the National Guard if his state's public employees go on strike in response to his proposal to strip them of the right to bargain collectively.

By merely mentioning the possibility of employing the Guard to prevent a strike, Governor Walker has threatened to militarize the attack on unions. The 150-year history of the American labor movement shows that such moves often lead to the deaths of union members.” Read article here.

Thousands descend on Wis. Capitol in protest – Story

Image: Protesters at Wisconsin State Capitol


Anonymous said...

lol, You are a typical loon. He said he would bring in the guard to do the jobs. Of course that doesn't fit the story you are trying to tell so you lie. Keep on lyin' ... oops I meant tryin'.

ImBlogCrazy said...


"Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker has proposed a bill that would eliminate almost all collective bargaining rights for most public workers as well as slash pay and cut benefits with no negotiation."


"Walker has also notified the state’s National Guard to be on alert for actions taken by unsatisfied state, county and municipal employees."

Did you get that part- "be on the alert for actions taken by unsatisfied ...etc" my Anonymous critic?
What does that suggest to you?

Perhaps you ought to spend more time checking facts before calling other people "typical loons"

You see what happens is YOU COME OFF AS THE PARTISAN LOON!

Anonymous said...

.... citing MSNBC. lol I need to bookmark this place, you are a laugh riot Dave. Make sure to troll HuffPo and DU for more talking points. I think it would be a better use of your time to start looking for the Democrats that didn't show up to vote. Is it possible that ALL of their alarms didn't go off this morning? My thought is since things get harder when you run out of other people's money to spend the cowards don't want to face the music.

- The Voice of Reason

ImBlogCrazy said...

The Voice of Reason,

At least I gave you a source. What about you? No real rebuttal to what I cited. No facts to disprove what I said. You have nothing, but your obvisiously conservative partisenship to guide you. (Horrors! MSNBC!)

What makes me say that?
Hmmmm....let's see;

1) I BETTER START looking for Democrats..."

Why? Because you have a problem with Democrats? That just tells me you're a party hack for either tea baggers, Republicans, or some other fringe party.

2.) Name-calling is a real Republican calling card - demean those who don't agree with you. Youl laugh like you have some superior knowledge...but it rings hollow.

FYI - I don't belong to any political party and I go after ANY politician that I think is doing a lousy job. My archives on this blog back up my statement.

So please don't waste your time trying to paint me into a corner when all you have is rhetoric rather than reason.

How ironic...the Voice of Reason eh?

Unknown said...

1) I BETTER START looking for Democrats..."

Why? Because you have a problem with Democrats? That just tells me you're a party hack for either tea baggers, Republicans, or some other fringe party.


You do realize that not one of the heroic democrats fighting the noble fight showed up for today's vote? I guess this doesn't fit int your world view and therefore is false. Sorry I can't seem to find a link from the left leaning media and am not going to look for one because I am sure this will further your insane thought process. Any link I find I know you will smear as being 'Republican'. I did mark this as a favorite but now you bore me so it shall be removed. You are a hack that post news stories that are left leaning and act as if they are the word of truth. You should think for yourself and take a look at what you are doing, move past the shame and strive to be something better. Good luck to you. I sincerly hope that you take stock of your miserable existence and seek truth.

- The Voice of Reason

- The Voice of Reason

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Had to look you up in my history.

Please delete this post I hate to make you look foolish.


ImBlogCrazy said...

I feel terrible that some anonymous clown calling himself "The Wicked Jester" doesn't want to follow my blog!

Boo hoo!

Guess I'll just happily muddle on in my "miserable existense."

Meanwhile, why don't you try growing a pair and using your real name - or is your life such a miserable existense that you need to hide who you are?

I, on the other hand, don't have to hide who I am, like someone ashamed of their "miserable" existense.

Good luck trolling for more sites to make negative comments.

I wouldn't think of deleting your post (despite the request). It'll give someone else a laugh when they read the "Wicked Jester's" nonsensical reply.

ImBlogCrazy said...

By the way Wicked Jester...your not as anonymous as you'd like to think...

Sheboygan, Wisconsin - IP Address

Just saying...