Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sarah Palin trys to cast herself in Reagan mold during event celebrating the 100th anniversary of Reagan's birth

A blistering critique

“During a banquet at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, Palin skewered Obama's recent State of the Union address. She suggested that his call to "win the future" through innovation and new investments in clean energy and other research was simply an attempt to increase government spending.” STORY HERE.

Great.  An idiot who wants to be president quoting a dead conservative icon.  Everybody knows she's a moron.  I hope that the Republicans nominate Palin.

What fun everyone will have watching her campaign.  Just to get primed I looked back at the Palin stats....She doesn't read the paper, she doesn't write any of her own material,  she quit her only elected position leaving her constituents in a lurch, she posted a map with gun sight crosshairs targeting Gabby Giffords...and stupidly declared "don't retreat, reload". She removed her gun sight targeting map after Giffords and friends were shot, but not before putting her foot in her mouth again. 

She works for the Fox News right wing propaganda machine owned and operated by some Australian super rich guy.  Why would anyone want this bumbling buffoon at the helm of America? What we need is a brilliant, dedicated-non-quitter who can rally fellow leaders and the people and take action for the betterment of us all. 

Slash the defense budget by at least half. Bring home 90% of military personnel stationed outside of US borders.  Stop wasting money on pointless space travel and focus on improving the water supply, delivering healthy food, developing green energy. and making ours the best educational system in the world.  On the other hand if gun toting is most important to you pick Palin.


Rose said...

This is funny. I guess you didn't notice Obama trying to recreate himself as Reagan last week. Now that really was a joke. He even had the JournOlist reporters out there trying their damnedest to call him "Reaganesque" - Ammanpour and Couric gushed, but it fell flat.

Palin gave a fine speech - without teleprompters - and she only used the "I" word once. You see, it wasn't about HER, something Obama hasn't learned.

Why in the world do people go batshit crazy trying to discredit this woman?

Then again, I guess they did the same thing with Reagan - so there ya go.

(Chris Matthews tingle is receding though - From the Department of Not Exactly News: Chris Matthews Is Very Confused

Hope all is well with you. Peace.

Rose said...

Here's one for ya: The Little Gipper?!? Why Obama is No Ronald Reagan
"Now they're trying to prop up their empty suit in the Oval Office by strapping it to Reagan's corpse." - Steve Green

ImBlogCrazy said...

Thanks for stopping by Rose.

Good to read your comments. I confess that I thought about you when I posted this article.

Things are going great for me. I hope the same goes for you too.

Thanks for the link.

Rose said...

Editorial: Why Not Just Let Obama Be Reagan?
Obama, the media tell us, has become fascinated by Reagan, a man with whom he seemingly has nothing in common apart from holding the same lofty office. "Obama is approaching the job in a Reaganesque fashion," Douglas Brinkley, one of a group of historians who met with Obama recently, said. Time magazine even referred to Obama's Reagan fixation as a "bromance."

Or more importantly, as Lady Lynn Rothschild put it on Cavuto the other day - which is the real Obama? The one you saw in October? Or the new creation that appeared in December 2010?

Even funnier is that his supporters are calling him "Reaganesque" because they are mad at and disillusioned with him.

Trust me, she is. He isn't.

ImBlogCrazy said...


Where is it Safe in America?

Today's challenge: tell me where it's safe to go in America? I would really like to know where we can go without becoming a "...