Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why would anyone need to lie about having been in Vietnam?

A visitor touches a name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


“Of course, Blumenthal didn't get in trouble for confessing he had ducked Vietnam but for lying that he hadn't, for saying that he'd served there.

What demon haunts him and others like him? What inconsolable regret provoked these desperate lies?”


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J2Bad said...

Need and desire are two different things, but it makes perfect sense to me. Anyone running for public office has to leave the impression that they would sacrifice personal interest for the public good. Given the current climate of military worship, that pose is entirely undermined by the sort of chicken-hawking so recently on display by politicians like Dick Cheney and GWB. Blumenthal is guilty of the same crime - using the tools available to people of his social class to avoid the fate of those less privileged. Maybe it doesn't say as much about a person's character as we might think, but I can understand why the guy who attended Harvard and (finally) joined the National Guard to avoid serving in Viet Nam would want to hide that fact.

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