Friday, May 21, 2010

Rand Paul: Obama BP criticism 'un-American'

Even clinging to his Dad’s (Congressman Ron Paul’s) coat-tails won’t save Rand Paul when he makes stupid remarks like “accidents happen” regarding the Mexican Gulf oil spill. Or, when he spouts off that criticizing BP is “un-American”

His feelings about Big Oil is apparent. He’s defending a private company (and not even an American one) so the oil drilling crowd will coronate him as it’s next public defender. That should get a lot of votes from the “Drill, baby, drill” contingent, but it’ll be bad news for our environment. 

I admit that I like the idea that he’s not a career politician, but clueless is clueless. The more you hear him talk about civil rights and other controversial subjects like immigration, the more you realize this guy is riding in the Tea Party bus to a fantasyland where only radicals live.

Instead of actually having good, constructive ideas for our country, this guy is riding the wave of hatred towards the government and incumbent office holders. He’s no visionary. He’s a reactionary with no plans but to “take back the country” (a catch phrase extreme Conservatives love to use).

Where does he stand on hot-button issues? Paul, 47 is an eye surgeon with a political vision about as clear as mud when it comes to what he’ll actually do in office if elected. You can pretty much assume he’s following Daddy’s footsteps, with a brief detour through Tea Partyland for political expediency.   

GOP Senate candidate is under fire for comments about civil rights law

“Paul, already facing a backlash over remarks earlier this week about civil rights legislation, criticized the Obama administration for declaring it will put its "boot heel on the throat of BP." White House spokesman Robert Gibbs used similar language shortly after the spill.”

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libhom said...

You can almost see puppet strings from Paul to his Big Oil campaign donors.

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