Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reason 101 on why I’m glad to live in Humboldt

See this clown on the right? He, and like-minded Muslim wackaloons think New York City is the home of the Great Satan. So they gather in dirty little camps in places like Pakistan, where they plan to annihilate NYC. Why NYC?

Why not? It was the place of their greatest success; the cowardly 9/11 attack. These guys are hoping to duplicate (or outdo) 9/11. It’s old news, and these nut cases want to show the world they can committee mass murder in the name of Allah too.

Well, here’s the thing. I think people living in NYC are crazy. They must know by now that their home is a recruitment poster for every Muslim terrorist in the world. You notice this bonehead, Faisal Shahzad, only considered locations around New York City?

I guess New Yorkers like living on the edge. Me? I’m damn glad to be living behind the Redwood Curtain in Northern California, the last place in America a terrorist would attack. Right? They don’t have problems with Redwood trees. Right? 

Official: Bomb suspect looked at other targets

Rockefeller Center, World Financial Center and Grand Central among sites

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Tom Holloway said...

I compare the people in New York to the people in certain areas of the country that will rebuild homes in areas that fall into the ocean every few years. Both know of the danger but refuse to live their lives in fear of what MIGHT happen.

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