Friday, May 21, 2010

Jersey! Since when did New Jersey get it’s own flag?

Jersey The image on the right (forgive the poor quality) was taken from my stat counter this morning.

 A reader with no address, and the word  Jersey, stopped by a half hour ago. The viewer’s only form of ID was this flag and the word – Jersey. Jersey what? New Jersey?

Is there a country called Jersey? Maybe an island?

This is driving me crazy! I’ve had two cups of coffee so far this morning and I feel alert, but am I missing something? Do you recognize this flag? If so, please share with me where it’s from. I‘d sure appreciate it.


Bill said...

There's an island in the English Channel called Jersey. It is not part of the UK it is a direct possession of the monarch, and is quasi independent in terms of internal rule.

have a peaceful day,

ImBlogCrazy said...

Thanks Bill!

I will have a peaceful day now..

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