Friday, March 26, 2010

Fox News: Threats against Democrats are wrong, but ...

I can’t begin to describe how disgusted I am with the Republican Party, and the wing nuts who are threatening legislators. There’s NO EXCUSE for threatening violence. I don’t give a damn what kind of spin Fox and others try to put it…this shit has to stop or the polarization will lead to the destruction of this nation. It’s that simple. If it were the Democrats, I’d say the same thing. This time it isn’t. The Republican Party needs to get it’s act together or all their creditability (what’s left to the party) is going to disappear forever. They can start by listening to their leaders, and not TALK SHOW hosts who inflame viewers for ratings!


Amid reports that several Democrats in Congress have been the targets of death threats, racial and anti-gay epithets, and have had their offices vandalized for their votes on health care reform, several Fox News personalities have been quick to first condemn the threats but then immediately make excuses for the threats. Others have appeared to dismiss the seriousness of the threats.

Doocy: "So why are people angry? Maybe because they didn't want this bill?" Teasing a segment about the threats against Democrats, Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy said: "Meanwhile, some House Democrats getting extra security after a series of death threats and even a little vandalism over their health care votes. So why are people angry? Well, maybe because they didn't want this bill?" [Fox & Friends, 3/25/10]

Fox & Friends airs viewer emails comparing threats against Democrats to American Revolution, William Ayers. After Carlson said, "The most important thing is what you think about all of this, because you are the ones that are going to go to the polls eventually," Fox & Friends aired several emails from viewers that condemned the threats but immediately appeared to defend the actions. One email claimed that Democrats are using the threats "to gain sympathy. Like Rahm Emanuel said, 'you never waste a crisis.'" Another read: "[W]hat did they expect when they basically stole from the...American people. What do they think 1776 was about & wasn't there some violence back then?" A third email said: "I don't like violence & it is wrong. Having said that, why should Democrats be surprised? Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground bombed the Pentagon & now he is a 'respected' speaker of the left. Why should Democrats expect anything different?" [Fox & Friends, 3/25/10] Excerpt from the emails:


Beck: Obama is "poking and prodding" people to commit violence. ... "They need you to be violent. They are begging for it." On his March 24 Fox News show, Glenn Beck referenced the "crazy tea baggers in the streets" and said, "Why would a government continue to poke you and poke you and poke you and poke you? Why would they say these things? Why have these people said these things about good Americans?" Beck later said: "This might be the most dangerous monologue I've ever done, because I am telling you now -- they need you to be violent. They are begging for it. You're being set-up. Do not give them what they want." [Glenn Beck, 3/24/10]

photos, video, and text via Media Matters


WuzYoungOnceToo said...

Funny. The text at the top of your blog claims...

"This is a NO POLITICAL PARTY ZONE. Leave party rhetoric at the door step"

Like pretty much everything else you write, that is obviously just so much bovine fecal matter.

ImBlogCrazy said...

I attack both political parties when they use rhetoric and lies. I think my post states that.

I DON'T BELONG TO A POLITICAL PARTY. However, I have no problem going after politicians because I beliece most are sum.

As far as the rest of the things I write, you're entitled to your opinion. It is a free world, and I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I'd be worried if everyone did.

Not is obvious WuzYoungOnceToo.

Like at the whole picture (or in my case my past posts on this blog). You'll see I go after the Democrats too. Lately the Republicians and Conservative groups (as in Tea Baggers) have been inciting violence. So I'm going to comment on it.

That's wrong in any sensible person's book.

AGAIN - all politicans have my scorn and this is what I mean by a NO POLITICAL PARTY ZONE.

I hope that helps you understand.
Thanks for the input.