Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chaotic politics: how ugly will they get before people realize they are out-of-control?

The so-called “Conservative Woodstock” is happening today at Searchlight, Nevada.

I figure this will produce some great photos like the one on the right. The world will get to see what these wackaloons believe.  Hint: Reality is NOT on the agenda. Rhetoric will rule. Note: guy in lower right corner wearing t-shirt that Glenn Beck is his hero! I guess that sums it up. Meanwhile, at least  one Tea Party candidate is in trouble with the law. 

Nevada tea party candidate facing felony charges

What Happens When Congress Fails to Do Its Job?

“What drove Bayh from office, rather, was that he'd grown to hate his job. Congress, he wrote in a New York Times op-ed, is "stuck in an endless cycle of recrimination and revenge.

The minority seeks to frustrate the majority, and when the majority is displaced it returns the favor. Power is constantly sought through the use of means which render its effectiveness,once  acquired, impossible."

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