Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's up with all these tax dodgers being nominated?

President Obama: You better get a more competent "vetting team" or something. It's starting to look like Larry, Moe, and Curly Joe, are the vetting team!

So far, they've selected Geithrer (Mr. Opps I made a mistake and forgot to pay Uncle Sam), and Daschle (Mr. "I'm sorry for not paying over a hundred thousand in back taxes").

Not a good start. Then your pick for first chief performance officer, Nancy Killefer (shown here), has to turn down you down and not take the performance czar position because she has some problems with - GUESS WHAT? - Your right! Taxes! Good grief Mr. President!

This is really getting to look like a double standard, as these questionable selections for office all seem to have problems with their own finances, yet they are getting nominated.

What happening to cleaning up Washington? These selections are all starting to look like political payback time to the Clinton's by hiring people that have previously worked for them to staff the new administration.

Everyone knows how the Clinton's have clout in Washington, and it appears to me that you've gone to bed with them to get elected. Say it ain't so Barack?

As It Stands, just get rid of the stooges who have been recommending these people to you Mr. President, and remember...You won the election. Not the Clintons!

click here to read the Associated Press account of today's news regarding Killefer and why she has withdrawn her candidacy for the performance czar position.

BREAKING NEWS - CNN ANNOUNCED (around noon Eastern time) THAT Tom Daschle HAS WITHDRAWN FROM HIS NOMINATION as Health and Human Services Secretary, stating he didn't want to be a distraction for the Obama administration. This clearly illustrates my point.

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Anonymous said...

Did they all hire the same bad accounting firm? Come on!

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