Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Round for Brown? He's hoping for an historical repeat


NOW AND THEN: Linda Ronstadt and Governor Jerry Brown. Jerry Brown today at 70 years-old.

I remember thinking Jerry Brown meant change in 1974. It was the year I got married, and I was inspired by this 36-year-old reformer who believed in alternate energies like wind and solar. He was popular and often caused his critics to call him "Gov. Moonbeam" because they considered his ideas wild and unworthy when he talked about energy conservation, and the use of alternate energies.

Janis Joplin and the Beatles were riding a cultural transformation that brought out reformers like Brown after WaterGate. His long romance with popular singer Linda Ronstadt caused a lot of talk among conservatives, but the liberals loved him. I'm just surprised that at age 70 he's even interested in holding another elected office. This will be his 12th campaign to get an elected position. He tried running for president a couple of times, but had no luck.

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