Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Hip was This? A 1950s in-your-car Record Player!

The things that you find in cyberspace. I had no idea that the Chrysler Corporation offered such a unique thing back in the day. I know one thing for sure however, these record-players must have had problems.

Think about it. I can recall bumpy roads messing up my eight-track tapes in the sixties, and even some CDs recently.

Can you imagine how a delicate needle must have cut grooves into the pressed vinyl with every little bump in the road?

That had to be a brief blip that no one wants to remember. Still, looking at the illustration, it looked kinda cool. Maybe it was only played when the car was stopped. That must be it!

What kind of idiot would have tried to play the record player while driving? A teenage boy type of idiot would be my first guess.

Someone like me, who went out and bought eight ten-inch Craig Speakers for my 1964 Chevy Impala to impress the girls when I drove by playing "Born To Be Wild!"

What would a smooth player back in the fifties have stocked in his record collection to romance his date? I wonder. Does anyone have any ideas what a young guy back in the fifties would have played to impress and woe his girl?


image via darkroastedblend.com

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