Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DEA conducts 'smash and grab' operation on 5 medical marijuana dispensaries

 California NORML has confirmed reports of 5 DEA raids in LA yesterday.

Contrary to rumor, no doctor's office was raided.   The raids were all "smash and grab" operations:  agents took medicine and money, destroyed surveillance cameras and grabbed computers,  but did not arrest anyone.   The professionalism of the operations was questionable.

In one case, agents reportedly failed to leave a written receipt for cash that was seized.  No rhyme or reason was apparent in the selection of targets, other than they were in the same neighborhood.     Agents gave no reason for the raids other than that marijuana is still illegal, but apparently suggested that they wanted to act fast before receiving new orders.

   California NORML believes that recent DEA conduct resembles nothing more than legalized piracy, and calls on supporters to remind President Obama of his pledge to end DEA raids.

   Dale Gieringer, Director, California NORML

LA EMERGENCY PROTEST - Feb 5th, NOON,  Los Angeles Federal Building, 255 E. Temple St.,

ASA is holding a MAJOR EMERGENCY PROTEST and we need you there!   Bush
wouldn't listen, but President Obama WILL if we press him!  WE NEED HIM
WHEN: THURSDAY, Feburary 5 at 12 NOON

WHERELos Angeles Federal Building, 255 E. Temple St.,
Bring signs, bullhorns, & posters and a loud voice!  We need you to
stand up and make that voice heard!
For more information contact
Visit this link for directions:

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