Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A white boy can’t dance and psychologists act like this is news!

Apparently a team of psychs from Canada think they have stumbled upon something significant. I hate to pop their balloon, but most white boys can’t dance. Common knowledge. I’m a perfect example of – go ahead and say it – a stereotypical white boy who can’t dance! 


“According to a team of University of Montreal psychologists, a 23-year-old Caucasian man, "Mathieu," is the first documented case of a person wholly unable to feel a musical beat or to move in time with it.”

I suspect the “A Team” from the University of Montreal didn’t visit any bars or other venues where people dance. I mean, how can they say this is the first documented case of the white boy syndrome? The truth has been out there for a long time. Just look at this photo! 

“The scientists report for an upcoming journal article that Mathieu sings in tune but merely flails with his body, bouncing up and down much more randomly than do people who are merely poor dancers.” [Science News, 3-26-11]

So let me get this straight…they compared their boy Mathieu with some people (Where did they find them? Excuse me sir, but are you a poor dancer?) who are “merely poor dancers” and came to the conclusion Mathieu is the missing link for white boys who have no rhythm. Hmmmmmmm….I’d say shaky science bunky!

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