Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sowing the Seeds of Chaos: How Trump and Bannon Intend to Destroy Democracy

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If you're wondering how dictators control the masses then look no further than Trump and Bannon's playbook for Amerika.

The key passages are about how a "strongman" takes over a country by sowing seeds of dissent and fear. In this dictator's guide to the universe, it becomes necessary to refute democracy and the freedoms that it holds dear.

Trump's executive orders and presidential memorandums are a malignant strategic attack on our democracy. 

Take a close look at the pre-history and logic of the recently enacted immigration ban that Trump and Bannon enacted to consolidate their power in the face of Trump's lack of electoral mandate.

More than any other executive order signed by Trump in the furious flurry of his first two weeks in office, the context and content of the Muslim ban executive order provides an exemplary and worrying optic into the operations of the Trump White House.

It was no coincidence that the order was signed on Holocaust Memorial Day. The White House press release commemorating the day includes no mention of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

This denigration of Muslims (with the ban) and now the Jews is par for the course for the White Nationalists (like Bannon) who support Trump.

The Muslim ban is the perfect prototype for the anti-democratic political process Chump and Bannon are putting into place.

There's one thing Lump and cronies didn't seem to count on; resistance. Numerous massive protests have greeted Frump's actions since he's been in office.

The assault on our freedoms by Donny Little-Hands and Bannon the White, can be stopped if enough Americans continue to stand up and denounce their Nazi-like tactics.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pence the First Puppet Interrupts Trump's Words and Tweets For Us

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By now we're used to puppet master Trump pulling people's strings.

What most people are having a hard time with is interrupting what Chump's tweets or words really mean. 

Even his appointed Trumpanzees make mistakes when trying to put a logical spin on something Lump lies about.

The first among Rump's puppets, Vice President Pence, is finding out that he's also signed on as an interrupter. 

During an interview with Bill O'Reilly Frump compared the U.S. to Russia claiming the two countries are alike.

Bump's comment ended up putting Pence on the defense when reporters asked what Donny Little-Hands meant?

Appearing on NBC's "Meet The Press," he denied that Trump was trying to draw a moral equivalency between Russia and the U.S.

First Puppet Pence had to explain to us that, "What you're hearing is a determination by the president of the United States not to let semantics or the arguments of the past get in the way of exploring the ability to work together with Russia and with President Putin in the days ahead."

In other words...bullshit.

No. What I, and the rest of the world heard, was a U.S. president putting his country on a moral equivalency to the dark empire Russia.

Even the gutless Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, rebuked the assertion.

"No, I don't think there is any equivalency between the way the Russians conduct themselves and the way the United States does," he said in a recent interview.

But Pence is sticking to his interruption of his master's words like a loyal dog...or a good first puppet. 

He's followed by Kellyann Conway and Sean Spicer, two puppets that also know how to spin the Donald's ignorant comments.

Like millions of other people, I know that when Rump says something, he means it. Regardless of how hard his loyal puppets try to spin his words into something acceptable.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Trump's Billionaire Buddy Cabinet Won't Have To Pay Taxes - Don't You Wish You Didn't Have Too?

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If you're not a millionaire or billionaire, I'd like to talk with you.

You may, or may not know that Trump's Cabinet is the richest ever gathered - their combined wealth accounts for a third-of American households.

Guess what? None of them will have to pay taxes!

In the late 1980s, Congress passed a law allowing nominees to indefinitely defer paying taxes on all capital gains. 

They still have to sell off their conflicting assets, but as long as they reinvest the money from those sales in low-risk assets like mutual funds or government bonds, they don't have to pay taxes on their profits.

What this means is they get away without paying a cent.

That's something you and I can only dream of. Imagine if you were in a position where no matter how much money you made you didn't have to pay taxes.

Setting aside the new Cabinet's stunning wealth, there's a bigger issue that has to be addressed:

Will these well-placed Trumpanzees represent you and I? 

Let's be logical about this. Of course not. They will be busy adding to their fortunes by introducing more laws giving the elite bigger tax breaks.

Just look at history. But Trump's appointees are even more special. They're not just rich, they're super wealthy, and have pet agendas that go crosswise with most Americans.

Trump is our first illegitimate president. He has no boundaries of decency. By stocking his Cabinet with the super wealthy, Chump can be assured there will be no dissent as long as he keeps the gravy train moving.

As for the rest of us, in particular those who voted for Rump because they thought he was going to create more jobs, the future isn't so clearly defined.

In Donny Little-Hands first week in office he's managed to piss off three major trade partners, Australia, Mexico and China. 

Now we're told that Americans are going to pay for building Dump's big wall - not Mexico.

Talk of 20% tariffs are terrifying American CEO's who do business with the two nations. 

Meanwhile Trump's Billionaire Boys Club is getting richer with every executive order Chump writes.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Ultimate Reality Show: Alternative America

Good Day World!

Welcome to Trump's alternative America.

Gotta hand it to Don the Con; he's producing the ultimate reality show and Americans are his captive audience.

Facts are shot down like clay pigeons.

The annual National Prayer Breakfast became a forum for Rump to attack his replacement on his old reality show. Devote Christians sat like sheep and didn't bleat when their new savior spoke about TV ratings and how popular he was.

Up is down.

Reality is what Bump's chief adviser and minister of propaganda, Bad Boy Bannon, says it is. 

In spite of the naked power grab Frump pulled off with the help of the Russians, FBI director James Comey, and droves of billionaires looking for government positions, this new reality show is not going off without it's hitches.

For starters, the majority of Americans are already appalled at what Lump has done in less than two weeks.

The "Ban" or as it really is, "The Muslim Ban," has shocked viewers into getting out of their comfortable seats and protesting in the streets.

Hundreds of thousands of unhappy witnesses to Dump's depredations are shaking off their political lethargy and organizing.

The Woman's Protest March on Rump's second day in office involved millions nationally and across the world. It simply wasn't good for his ratings.

With minions like Sean Spicer, and Kellyann Conway, backing up every lie Chump utters, facts become increasingly vague and are up to the mainstream media to try to decipher on a daily basis.

Will Donny Little-Hands Alternative America last for his four-year run? Or, will his new reality show be cancelled sooner by angry Americans?

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Impeach Trump Movement Gathering Supporters Daily

Good Day World!

Okay...I have to admit that I thought Donny would get a honeymoon period after his inauguration.

I was surprised at how quickly millions of women nationwide, and worldwide, protested his presidency on his second day in office.

It became increasingly clear that Trump wasn't going to get a free pass from millions of Americans to cause chaos and disruption.

The reaction was quick when he imposed his Muslim ban in an overnight fiasco that left airport officials, experts in the law, and millions of passengers confused and angry.

Unknown to me (until yesterday) and most Americans, is the fact that two organizations have already organized their efforts to impeach The Great-Disrupter.

Two public interest nonprofits launched a campaign to begin an impeachment investigation into the new president the day he was sworn into office.

At issue are Trump's businesses, both at home and abroad, which may result in payments from foreign governments or from the US or state governments. 

That's something many legal scholars believe is explicitly forbidden by a clause in the US Constitution. 

The two groups, Free Speech for People and RootsAction, have a website ( with model legislation they want to see introduced in Congress, as well as a petition and a host of other ways to take action.

Chump was guilty of violating the Foreign Emoluments Clause and the Domestic Emoluments Clause the minute he was sworn into office. 

The emoluments clauses are anti-corruption provisions in the Constitution and Rump is in direct violation of them. 

These violations are impeachable offenses.

For people who care about our democracy and our Constitution and want to defend our republic, it means moving forward with impeachment proceedings.

You may be concerned that Congress won't vote to impeach him because it's owned by the Republican party. Don't be.

Frump has already caused major chaos in numerous government agencies and continues to flout the Constitution with impunity.

It's just a matter of time before GOP defections open up the door to Donny's demise as emperor. Look what havoc (nationally and internationally) he's caused in a mere two weeks.

Write your congressman and tell him you want to see Lump impeached.

Call your local representatives and encourage them to introduce legislation that can lead to Donny's downfall and back to the rule of law.

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Time for me to walk on down the road...

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Hate Whisperer: Bully Boy Bannon's Apocalyptic Vision For Amerika Is On Track

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His influence with Trump is subtle and alarming.

A portrait of Andrew Jackson (his hero) was put up in the Oval Office the day he slithered into his new position as Trump's chief adviser.

His careful grooming of Rump included planting the idea that Rump was like Andrew Jackson, a pugilistic populist president who campaigned against elites and was know as temperamental and rash.

As much as the disruptive Frump likes the idea of outraging elites it's not working out too well. His slash-and-burn style has been on steroids supplied by Steve Bannon.

As the second most powerful man in the new regime, Stevie the White Supremacist has been given an opportunity to realize his ultimate goal: to completely destroy the establishment and rebuild it to suit his ideology. 

From the start he made his mark by drafting the dark Inaugural Address and imposing the refugee ban. Meanwhile Bannon proceeded to minimalism the national-security team by negotiating a permanent place for himself on the National Security Council.

Each step Bannon takes to insure his control of the government is another freedom, or law, suppressed.

Trump is in the game for power and the ultimate massaging of his runaway ego. Bully Boy Bannon is well on his way to realizing his dream.

The chaos (a Bannon hallmark) in the West Wing is starting to become uncomfortable for Donny Little-Hands who wants everyone to adore him.

According to senior Administration officials, Lump hauled in a half-dozen of his key advisers and gave them hell for all the confusion caused by his immigration ban.

Apparently Chump realized Bannon's implementation of the Ban was a bit too hasty because he made it clear that everything goes through his chief of staff Reince Pribus (who wasn't informed of the ban until the last moment) from here on out.
Don't think Rump still doesn't agree with Bad Boy Bannon's goal of tearing down the establishment - he just wanted him to be more careful.

So far, Bannon is winning. 

His influence on making Bump the Disruptor-in-Chief cannot be ignored. Unless someone in Frump's inner circle manages to neutralize Bannon, we're in for a rockier road than we ever suspected!

Time for me to walk on down the road...  

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Difference Between a Great Negotiator and a Con Man

Good Day World!

Since Trump slithered into the White House he's been bragging about what a great negotiator he is.

A lot of well-meaning Americans believed him and overlooked his many faults hoping for a better future.

But in less than two weeks he's already shown that he's not only horrible at negotiating, but is leading us down a dark path that may result in an economic global crisis, or worse yet, war.

Trump's first attempt to set down with the leader of another country failed in dramatic fashion. After insulting Mexico's president via a tweet, all negotiations were called off.

Rump's ego may have believed Mexico would pay for his wall, but no one else (with half a brain) did. 

Warning the Mexican president not to visit if he wasn't prepared to pay for his wall has to go down as the worst attempt by any U.S. President to negotiate with another country.

Frump is finding out he can't just bully countries like he's done to people all of his life. You'll notice that Lump didn't have a reply for Mexico's president when he said he wasn't coming.

Don the Con was baffled. 

His response? The American taxpayer is now going to build the wall. Chump then plans on putting a 20% tariff on Mexican goods as a way of making "them" pay for the wall after all.

Any national economist could tell you that would be a very bad idea. But when you have an ego like Bump's it has to be massaged.  

When Dump turned his attention to trying to bully China he got a curt reply - "Don't mess with us" and "there's no room for talking about changing the current policy of One China."

Mind you, this verbal sparing started on twitter one morning when little Donny woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

He didn't bother to talk to any of the foreign affairs experts available to him - he just stabbed his stubby little fingers on his phone and managed to piss off China's leadership.

I'm not sure if China will ever want to talk with Trump the self-anointed Great Negotiator after a start like that. The same goes for numerous other countries in the world.

The self-professed World Class Negotiator has managed to turn one of our longest allies - the UK - against him. Millions of people there have signed petitions asking the Queen not to host a state visit for the Orange Vulgarian.

At this point it's clear that Don the Con has given America a black eye in less than two weeks. 

Based upon what we've seen thus far, the USA's standing with the world will be ruined after four years of Trump's brand of negotiating.

That's assuming, of course, that he doesn't lead us into a nuclear holocaust first. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

That Stench in Washington: Showcasing Swamps and Creating Cess Pools

Good Day World!

What smells worse?

A swamp or a cesspool?

One of Donny Little-Hands campaign claims was that he was going to drain the swamp in Washington D.C.

One week into his presidency and it's clear that the swamp is getting busier every day. 

From attempts to dissolve an independent ethics panel to placing clueless cronies in Cabinet positions, Chump is on a crusade to gain total control of this country by clamping down on our freedoms.

Frump has already added to the swamp with his executive orders and is busy creating cesspools of ignorance by shuttering scientists from talking about Climate Change and taking away communication tweets from government agencies like the Department of the Interior (they dared to show two side-by-side photos of the crowds at Obama's inauguration and Trumps.)

Evidence showed, without a doubt, that less people attended Dump's inauguration.

This made Rump furious and he set on on a campaign to make Americans believe in his alternate facts by denying evidence that proved how many people attended both inaugurations.

The stink at the White House is only getting worse. The shit that Trump and his cronies are shoveling is an assault on Democracy.

Chump's sudden ill-thought out immigration ban has created chaos and repercussions around the world. His plan to help Christians and block Muslims is clearly a violation of the Constitution.

Freedom is under attack. Each new executive order is creating a cesspool of confusion and chaos. 

Our Constitution is in danger of being swallowed up in Stump's cesspool of lies. 

How long is America going to take this shit?

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Who Needs Security Experts? Trump and Bannon Demote Intelligence Community

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Trump's version of the National Security Council consists of a guy who ran a website that featured bigoted, xenophobic and misogynistic headlines that catered to the alt-right community, Trump, Cabinet members and no one from the intelligence community.

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Didn't Know Bannon Needed Senate Confirmation Chances are Senate won't confirm him!

Chump's attempt to surpass Nixon's wet dream of keeping the intelligence community out of his version of the National Security Council (NSC) may not be realized.

Last week Dump sent out a memorandum sidelining three of the top security officials in the country. 

Not only is CIA Director Mike Pompeo not included in the organization, the Director of National Intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staffs are not full members of the NSC.

As a matter of fact, they can only come when Trump or Bannon summons them.

Imagine a white nationalist, acting as the White House chief strategist, outranking these three top intelligence officers? Does that make you feel safer? 

It's a clear message from Trump. He's not interested in facts and believes in Bannon's bigoted America. 

For the record, Bannon is reportedly behind some of Trump's most controversial moves, including Green Card holders in the restrictions on visas for visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Make no mistake, Frump has showed how little he values our security experts and the rules of law. They know it, and now you know it.

America's security is in Donny's stubby little hands and possibly his puppet, KKK posterboy, Stevie Boy.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump's America: Look At The World in the 1930's To Understand What's Happening Today

Good Day World!

As we watch the ugly face of fascism surface and spread in Europe and now America, it's a good idea to take a little history lesson.

The 1930s and Now

Fascism was founded on the principal of nationalist unity, against other ideologies like Socialism and Communism. 

Adolf Hitler's rise to power came amidst the turbulent 1930s in Germany. Benito Mussolini, another fascist strongman at the time asserted that "National Pride" has no need of the "delirium of race."   

Look what's happening today in Europe and America. We're watching the rise of nationalism and racist rhetoric directed at foreigners.

Understanding What's Happening

In a nutshell: Republican institutions (like American Democracy) don't protect us against tyranny when powerful people start defying political norms.

The result is tyranny can flourish even while maintaining a republican facade.

The rise of Trump proves that. His ascension to power parallels Hitler's and Mussolini's.

Other strongmen have taken over countries like Russia's leader Vladimir Putin, and Turkey's leader Recep Tayip Erdogan. 

In Austria, a nationalist candidate came within three-tenths of a percentage point of becoming the first far-right head of a state elected in Europe since World War II.

In Hungary, an authoritarian government has clamped down on the news media and erected razor wire fences to keep out migrants. 

There are worries that Poland may follow suit. 

Traditional parties in France, Germany, Greece and elsewhere have been challenged by nationalist movements amid an economic crisis and waves of migrants. 

In Israel, fascism analogies by a former prime minister and a top general have again inflamed the long-running debate about the occupation of Palestinian territories.

Americans are used to the idea that other countries may be vulnerable to such movements, but while figures like Father Charles Coughlin, the demagogic radio broadcaster, enjoyed wide followings in the 1930s, neither major party has ever nominated anyone quite like Trump.

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Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Swift and Stupid: Immigration ban catches everyone off guard including airport authorities

Good Day World!

Forget "Fast and Furious."

We're faced with "Swift and Stupid," after Trump sprung an immigration surprise on nearly everyone in the world. 

Chump's actions were so well-thought out that the country, and the world, are in chaos trying to implement a ban that no one seems to fully understand.

One frustrated Custom and Border Agent at JFK told two Iraqi men being detained to "Call Donald Trump" if they have a complaint.

The chaos created by Rump's ill-conceived plan of action has resulted in numerous legal challenges, airport protests, and condemnations from politicians and advocacy groups.

Trump Travel Ban Sparks Protests at Airports Nationwide

Donny Little-Hands suspended all refugees from entering the United States for 120 days (that can be extended), and halted the admission of refugees from Syria indefinitely.

His executive order bars entry for three months to residents from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

They are: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen (this list may be expanded in the days ahead). 

To fan the flames, Chump said it would be okay for Christians in those counties to come to America.

Terrorist groups like ISIS are celebrating the Orange Vulgarian's swift and stupid actions and words.

Reportedly Rump said "Things are going nicely" as chaos broke out in airports around the world. 

Frump has been in office one week and just look at the havoc he's wrought.

From trying to force-feed people into believing "alternate facts" about his election, to thoroughly pissing off two trade partners; China and Mexico.

Throw in his Nazi-style of implementing the refugee ban, and you have to admit...he's well on the way to Making America the Evil Empire! 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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