Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Ultimate Reality Show: Alternative America

Good Day World!

Welcome to Trump's alternative America.

Gotta hand it to Don the Con; he's producing the ultimate reality show and Americans are his captive audience.

Facts are shot down like clay pigeons.

The annual National Prayer Breakfast became a forum for Rump to attack his replacement on his old reality show. Devote Christians sat like sheep and didn't bleat when their new savior spoke about TV ratings and how popular he was.

Up is down.

Reality is what Bump's chief adviser and minister of propaganda, Bad Boy Bannon, says it is. 

In spite of the naked power grab Frump pulled off with the help of the Russians, FBI director James Comey, and droves of billionaires looking for government positions, this new reality show is not going off without it's hitches.

For starters, the majority of Americans are already appalled at what Lump has done in less than two weeks.

The "Ban" or as it really is, "The Muslim Ban," has shocked viewers into getting out of their comfortable seats and protesting in the streets.

Hundreds of thousands of unhappy witnesses to Dump's depredations are shaking off their political lethargy and organizing.

The Woman's Protest March on Rump's second day in office involved millions nationally and across the world. It simply wasn't good for his ratings.

With minions like Sean Spicer, and Kellyann Conway, backing up every lie Chump utters, facts become increasingly vague and are up to the mainstream media to try to decipher on a daily basis.

Will Donny Little-Hands Alternative America last for his four-year run? Or, will his new reality show be cancelled sooner by angry Americans?

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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