Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Who Needs Security Experts? Trump and Bannon Demote Intelligence Community

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Trump's version of the National Security Council consists of a guy who ran a website that featured bigoted, xenophobic and misogynistic headlines that catered to the alt-right community, Trump, Cabinet members and no one from the intelligence community.

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Didn't Know Bannon Needed Senate Confirmation Chances are Senate won't confirm him!

Chump's attempt to surpass Nixon's wet dream of keeping the intelligence community out of his version of the National Security Council (NSC) may not be realized.

Last week Dump sent out a memorandum sidelining three of the top security officials in the country. 

Not only is CIA Director Mike Pompeo not included in the organization, the Director of National Intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staffs are not full members of the NSC.

As a matter of fact, they can only come when Trump or Bannon summons them.

Imagine a white nationalist, acting as the White House chief strategist, outranking these three top intelligence officers? Does that make you feel safer? 

It's a clear message from Trump. He's not interested in facts and believes in Bannon's bigoted America. 

For the record, Bannon is reportedly behind some of Trump's most controversial moves, including Green Card holders in the restrictions on visas for visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Make no mistake, Frump has showed how little he values our security experts and the rules of law. They know it, and now you know it.

America's security is in Donny's stubby little hands and possibly his puppet, KKK posterboy, Stevie Boy.

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