Sunday, January 29, 2017

Swift and Stupid: Immigration ban catches everyone off guard including airport authorities

Good Day World!

Forget "Fast and Furious."

We're faced with "Swift and Stupid," after Trump sprung an immigration surprise on nearly everyone in the world. 

Chump's actions were so well-thought out that the country, and the world, are in chaos trying to implement a ban that no one seems to fully understand.

One frustrated Custom and Border Agent at JFK told two Iraqi men being detained to "Call Donald Trump" if they have a complaint.

The chaos created by Rump's ill-conceived plan of action has resulted in numerous legal challenges, airport protests, and condemnations from politicians and advocacy groups.

Trump Travel Ban Sparks Protests at Airports Nationwide

Donny Little-Hands suspended all refugees from entering the United States for 120 days (that can be extended), and halted the admission of refugees from Syria indefinitely.

His executive order bars entry for three months to residents from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

They are: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen (this list may be expanded in the days ahead). 

To fan the flames, Chump said it would be okay for Christians in those counties to come to America.

Terrorist groups like ISIS are celebrating the Orange Vulgarian's swift and stupid actions and words.

Reportedly Rump said "Things are going nicely" as chaos broke out in airports around the world. 

Frump has been in office one week and just look at the havoc he's wrought.

From trying to force-feed people into believing "alternate facts" about his election, to thoroughly pissing off two trade partners; China and Mexico.

Throw in his Nazi-style of implementing the refugee ban, and you have to admit...he's well on the way to Making America the Evil Empire! 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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