Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sowing the Seeds of Chaos: How Trump and Bannon Intend to Destroy Democracy

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If you're wondering how dictators control the masses then look no further than Trump and Bannon's playbook for Amerika.

The key passages are about how a "strongman" takes over a country by sowing seeds of dissent and fear. In this dictator's guide to the universe, it becomes necessary to refute democracy and the freedoms that it holds dear.

Trump's executive orders and presidential memorandums are a malignant strategic attack on our democracy. 

Take a close look at the pre-history and logic of the recently enacted immigration ban that Trump and Bannon enacted to consolidate their power in the face of Trump's lack of electoral mandate.

More than any other executive order signed by Trump in the furious flurry of his first two weeks in office, the context and content of the Muslim ban executive order provides an exemplary and worrying optic into the operations of the Trump White House.

It was no coincidence that the order was signed on Holocaust Memorial Day. The White House press release commemorating the day includes no mention of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

This denigration of Muslims (with the ban) and now the Jews is par for the course for the White Nationalists (like Bannon) who support Trump.

The Muslim ban is the perfect prototype for the anti-democratic political process Chump and Bannon are putting into place.

There's one thing Lump and cronies didn't seem to count on; resistance. Numerous massive protests have greeted Frump's actions since he's been in office.

The assault on our freedoms by Donny Little-Hands and Bannon the White, can be stopped if enough Americans continue to stand up and denounce their Nazi-like tactics.

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