Friday, March 24, 2023

Swimming in a Polluted Society

America is awash in an extremist tide of lies and misinformation. 

What started as a storm in 2017 is now a flood of hatred, racism, and a cult that threatens democracy.

Truth and reality have been thrown into a flotsam of fascism that's spreading in the Republican Party daily.

Today a former president whose been impeached twice and is facing civil and criminal investigations on the state and federal level is holding a rally in Waco, Texas.


Opinion: "Trump's Visit to Waco is a Provocation of Historic Significance" by Nicole Hemmer 


The venue holds 50,000 but there's a chance it won't be filled thanks to Trump's niece Mary Trump who has urged her podcast followers to call in a flood of requests for seats... and then not show up on Donnie's big day.

I'm not saying it will happen, but it's quite a statement coming from Trump's own family.

The choppy waters that Americans are swimming in is a sea full of perils like book bans, sentencing pregnant women who had abortions to death, and attacking the others such as the LGTBQ community daily.

We're all still facing the leftover putid waters of a coup attempt two years ago. Instead of uniting Americans after turning back the assault on the Capitol by domestic terrorists, the country split into extreme factions taking on mainstream America.


Rivers of lies will dry up under the harsh light of reality and the truth. Facts will always stay afloat while fiction eventually sinks under its own absurdity. 

As it stands, we all have a choice. We can swim upriver in defense of our hard-earned democracy, or we can swim downriver with the MAGA scum seeking to overthrow our republic.

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