Saturday, March 25, 2023

In the Trump Era Judges Allow Jurors to be Anonymous

It used to only be special cases where jurors needed to be anonymous for their own safety. 

Secret jurors were necessary to protect them from criminal mob bosses like John Gotti who would go to any lengths to intimidate witnesses and jurors to avoid jail time.

Only the most dangerous defendants required the confidentiality that spurs a judge to make a ruling like that.

This winter there were two trials that required anonymous jurors. 

One of the two trials involved a convicted New Yorker in an Islamic State extremist group in Syria. The other was a former cabinet-level Mexican official convicted of shielding violent drug cartels from police for huge bribes.

That's why I'm so amused to see that jurors' names will be kept secret at the upcoming civil trial (not even a criminal trial) against Trump in a rape lawsuit.

U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan was concerned that Trump and his minions will subject them to harassment and worse from Trump supporters.

According to Kaplan, "On the basis of the unpresented circumstances in which this trial will take place, including the extensive pretrial publicity and a very strong risk that jurors will fear harassment, unwanted invasions of their privacy and retaliation there is string reason to believe the jury needs the protection."

I think that's pretty clear. Trump is getting the mob boss treatment, which he deserves. I'd also be willing to bet that all of his future trials in New York, Georgia and Washington DC will require anonymous jurors.

As it stands, Trump is the biggest criminal in America today and he's a clear and present danger to democracy and the rule of law.

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