Thursday, March 23, 2023

Place Your Bet: What Are the Odds of a Trump Indictment?

               The question of the day.

Will Trump be charged in relation to hush-money payments made to the adult film actress Stormy Daniels?

He thinks so. He just doesn't know when.

So, what are the odds?

Unfortunately, you can't bet on politics in the United States. But don't despair. With the popularity of betting on politics skyrocketing across the globe, there is no shortage of odds on different political outcomes. 

Thanks to the bookies in the UK there's still a way to bet on Trump's fate with the court. Taking a look at the latest Trump odds the probability of an indictment is very high.

As of this writing indictment odds are 92.6% that he's charged. Here's a chart by ODDS CHECKER:

-Trump to be indicted in Manhattan in 2023

odds -1250 - implied chance 92.6%


-Trump to be extradited from FL to NY in 2023

odds +300 - implied chance 25%


-Trump to be a defendant in a criminal trial in 2023 - odds +275 - 26.7%


To clarify, these odds are only for the Manhattan criminal case, not the rest of the cases pending against Trump.

Despite denying American bookmakers a chance to bet on politics I strongly suspect there's plenty of betting places like office pools to wager on anything - including politics.

As it stands, I'm looking forward to more criminal indictments and seeing what the odds will be with them.

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