Tuesday, March 21, 2023

No Indictment Today: Trump's Fake Forecast Was a Test Run

For days now Trump has been feeding his minions fake news about Tuesday being the day he would be indicted by a New York grand jury.

He never had the knowledge of when the indictment would be handed down but that didn't bother the biggest liar on the planet. His announcement to the base was a warmup for when the criminal indictment actually happened.

Trump was testing his students in crime in Congress and on the streets to see if their responses were properly loyal. So far, his minions have been protesting as programed.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy immediately announced an investigation into the Manhattan attorney general's office and prosecutor AG Alvin Bragg. He learned his lesson well from Trump on how to misuse government offices in order to protect his supreme leader.

Trump's congressional cronies on the so-called Weaponization of Government Committee, led by Gym Jordan, are weaponizing the powers of government for partisan political ends - the very thing the committee is supposedly trying to stop.

By turning the whole atmosphere into a circus with his fake prediction Trump is following his own rule book on preemptive strikes when cornered by the courts.

The fact of the matter is there's no real assurance of when the indictment will be handed down as authorities say it may be this week, but more than likely next week. 

Meanwhile Trump's power play in calling for protests will simmer but will come to a boil when the announcement does come.

As it stands, what gets me is the general public knows what Trump is doing and wondering if he'll ever be held accountable for his criminal activities.

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