Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The 'Big Lie' is Devouring Democracy

After exhausting all avenues to change the results of the 2020 election Republicans have settled on ignoring reality.

The courts rejected 62 lawsuits that Trump's minions filed to try to overturn the voter's will. Then Trump cronies attempted a coup that failed.

The only tactic left was denying reality and defying all norms to secure a solid base of Trump believers' loyalty. 

So, openly lying has been embraced by the shambling Republican Party that is cannibalizing itself in an effort to please their chosen Lord and Master Trump.

The Big Lie is expanding every day. Just look at Texas. The state Republican Party adopted a resolution last weekend that rejects President Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election. 

Up to this point it's been individuals running for office proudly aligning themselves with the Big Lie to get Trump's endorsement. Meanwhile, Trump sycophants in the Senate and House have gone along with the election fraud narratives spread by Fox News and other right-wing media outlets.

Now we're looking at state GOP parties that are adopting election lies as the main part of their agenda. Don't be surprised if other state GOP parties decide to follow Texas. The Big Lie is a cancer that doesn't appear to have a cure. It's spreading throughout the land at an alarming rate.

How could this happen in America?

We're slipping into fascism as Trump slithers his way back towards a second term. Political pollsters and pundits are predicting a Red Wave in the midterms.

Make no mistake. Trump's cult is fully motivated to turn out in big numbers this fall. The economy is chaotic and rife with supply chain issues that stretch across the world, and it'll be Biden and the Democrats who get blamed.

In spite of all that, things could turn around before November. It's possible these Jan. 6 hearings will shock Democratic and Independent voters who value our liberty and freedoms picking Democracy over the economy.

One more thing to consider. When the Supreme Court takes down the Roe vs Wade decision, which is what the leaked draft showed, women - especially young women - will be motivated to vote in record numbers. Just what Democrats need. That young vote.   

In closing its ironic and scary as hell to consider the possibility that a lie could be what took down our democracy.

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